You should follow these 10 equine photography accounts under 10k on instagram

1. @LisaDijkPhotography

Lisa Dijk is a photographer who takes light, cheerful and colourful photographs. I’ve traveled with her on a lot of occasions, but even if I hadn’t known her in person she would have ended up on this list! Just look at her feed, it is candy for the eye! I cannot wait to see more of her travels to come. And I know she has some trips coming up. One of which will be to Djerba, Tunesia. Won’t that be something to watch for?

2. @Nikkidekerf

Nikki takes very nice photographs. She let’s herself be inspired by Raphael Macek and you can really tell when you look at her more artsy series. Even though she takes inspiration from him, she sure does have her own unique style. She really is a photographer to follow. Especially the artsy series are very nice to see!

Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @nikkidekerf op

Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @nikkidekerf op

Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @nikkidekerf op

3. @edyta_tk_equine_photo

Atmospheric pictures. I love the colors she uses. More than other photographers she portrais groups of horses. And to get fine images with groups is something different from photographing a single horse. So kudos for her!

4. @LisaSaintPhotos

This photographer comes from England and she doesn’t only capture the horse, but also the environment. This makes sure she captures pictures with grandure.

5. @TanjaSchneiderPhotography

The colors on her images are phenominal. She told me she only photographs at early dusk or late dawn. This makes sure she gets those soft colors and shades. And I have to tell you, it’s worth it. She goes above and beyond to get the images! Keep it up Tanja ;).

6. @finephotography_de

I really like her studio series. Although she uses a black background you can really tell she used flashes instead of sunlight. But she also knows how to work that light.

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7. @AnnaIbelshaeuser

When I look at her profile I get the feeling she travels here an there and I love that. The photos taken at dawn are my favourite. I love that light!

8. @EquiMotions

Another photographer who loves to travel, gotta love that! Don’t you?!

9. @AnnesEquine

I love how she incorperates the environment in her photographs. It’s not just the horses she photographs but she makes sure you know where the photograph was taken. Keep on going Anne!

10. @tiere_photo

She is a photographer from Sweden but once again she is a photographer who travels and captures the beauty of many countries and of many breeds. It’s a good feed to look through.

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Merel Bormans
Merel Bormans is a photographer with her website and portfolio on She specializes in equine and canine photography and travels the whole world in pursuit of the most amazing photographs!

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