Xpozer – a product review

I was doing some research on internet to new photoproducts and stumbled upon an interesting supplier. Their slogan is: “Be a framechanger” and they have a fun and new concept. The supplier I’m talking about is Xpozer.

Xpozer is a product designed by two TU Delft students. Everything about the product breaths “IO”. (IO stands for Industrial Design in Dutch). Everything has been thought through. They didn’t only create an interesting and new concept to display your photograph but they actually added value to the concept as well. When you order a Xpozer, you get a “startset” and pay about the same amount as a canvas or dibond print. But if you get tired of the photograph and want to hang something else you can choose to order a new photo and keep the frame of the startset. That way it’s much cheaper to order a new picture.

The package in which the set has been send can also be used to store the extra print, for future use. The box is shaped in a triangular form, making it very strong, so you don’t have to be afraid for your prints to damage while they are stored away.

What is a Xpozer?

A Xpozer consists of a photograph, printed on special photofoil and a frame on which to put the photograph. The photofoil has a matte finish so the light doesn’t reflect and you don’t see any other objects in your photo. The photo stays visible from every angle.

Enkele quotes of the website of Xpozer:

  • With the Xpozer frame you can exchange your photographs as often as you like. With Xpozer you bring that amazing feeling you get from your photo in your home every time.
  • The Xpozer frame can be reused over and over again for all your new photoprints. You save again and again on ever new photoprint!
  • Your photo’s get printed on special photofoil, developed by us for maximum sharpness in your print. Don’t miss out on any more detail in your print.
  • Every pixel counts! Your photo gets printed on maximum resolution for raizorsharp detailing in your print.
  • Thanks to careful calibration of the print proces, the colors of your print match the original photo perfectly. It’s like being there all over again.
  • A Xpozer print has been demirored entirely. So lightreflections no longer bother you anymore. Even when the photographs hangs in direct sunlight.
  • The technology to easily and quickly change photographs is unique in the world and patented. The frame makes sure your photograph stays tightly strung for ever.
  • The alumium frame is lightweight and can be mounted to any wall, even sloping walls. A big photo was never before so lightweight.
  • Xpozer offers a hugh variaty of sizes and proportions. From 40 x 30 cm to 200 x 100 cm and from square to panorama. For every photo there is a fitting Xpozer.

A Xpozer consists of a frame on which you can tightly strung your photo. Within a minute you can change your photograph and just like that you have a different picture on your wall! Xpozer is like a modern version of frame in which you can exchange photographs (but looking better!). In the same time Xpozer is also called “the new canvas” and I can relate to that as well. Your photograph would look good in a gallery printed like this.

The photo I choose

For this review I wanted to print one of the photo’s I took in India. I made an incredible trip there and I would love to tell everybody about it, how amazing it was there. I picked a photo I took during a photo session I had on a sand dune during sunset. The black stallion is named Mormokut (his name means Peacock in Hindi). He is named this way because of how graceful his neck is. On this photo you can truly see why he earned that name.

Photo by Merel Bormans Photography


Ordering was quit simple via the website www.nl.xpozer.com. Via “direct bestellen” you can choose the right size for your photograph to be printed on. You upload your photograph and then you can already checkout. You don’t need any special software for the entire process and everything is handled via internet. I choose for a Xpozer of the size 40 x 60 cm. I ordered this product within minutes.

The product

I was chilling in my garden in the sun when suddenly someone knocked on my gate. It was the mailmen who specially walked around the block because I didn’t hear him ring the doorbell. In his hands he had a triangular package, I was almost certain, this is the Xpozer! When I took a closer look to the box I saw they made sure it was unmissible this is a Xpozer because they used branded tape with their logo, nicely done! Quickly I unpacked and out came a neatly packed photograph and the parts of the frame. But that was not all, they also included a nice photograph magazine with many beautiful photographs and inspiring stories. So nice to receive!

The frame was assembled in no-time and also the photograph was strung on it quickly. But because I couldn’t put it down on it’s side like a canvas or dibond I had to store it away somewhere safely, away from cat paws and children’s hands before I could mount it on the wall.

There are two kinds of mounting systems you can use to mount this, a plastic mounting bracket or two metal clips, so you could choose which system to use. The metal clips can be used if you want to hang it on strings coming from the ceiling. I opted for the plastic mounting bracket. It could be mounted with a single screw in the wall. The print looks very nicely, hanging free from the wall a bit. It casts a nice shadow which gives some depth to the whole thing. I wanted to keep the clips with the product so I clicked them on the frame and hung the frame on the plastic bracket.

Quality of the photo itself

The colors of the print are very bright and lively. Despite not having any shine the liveliness of the photograph hasn’t suffered. That I have seen different on many occasions. I’m impressed with the quality of the print. I choose for a difficult photo to print on purpose. the contrast between the orange and black is quit big. Sometimes colors overflow a bit in these kind of photographs, but not with this print. Impressively done! The details remained and also the subtle color changes in the background are printed correctly. The color and printing quality are very good!

Are there any points of critism?

As with almost every product there are some minor things to point out. Because the photograph has been printed on special photofoil, the photograph is quit vulnerable and can easily be damaged. You quickly fold the corner and a dent is also easily made. You need to be quit careful with the print. It would be a shame to damage it right away, before it is shining on your wall. So either mount the print directly or leave it in the box until you mount it.

The photograph is strung tightly with an ingenious mounting system. I noticed right away the corners bend a bit with my print when I fully strung the frame (according to Xpozers directions). You can see this clearly on the detailphoto I made. Luckily this can be helped quit easily. I just didn’t fully strung the frame. As long as I don’t touch the print, it is fine.

I do want to see a Xpozer on a bigger format. Would this be an issue there? I would love to hear experiences from someone having a bigger print! I would love to add your experience to this review.

Final verdict

I’m impressed with the print of Xpozer! They where able to create an innovative product for a good price. I’m a fan! I think the framesize should be finetuned to the size of the print just a little bit, but then again I only got one photo so I’m not sure if it is with all their photographs or if I was just a bit unlucky. All in all I can certainly advice you to consider Xpozer for your next print. Especially if you want to vary the photographs on the wall.

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This blogpost is made in collaboration with www.nl.xpozer.com

Merel Bormans
Merel Bormans is a photographer with her website and portfolio on https://www.merelbormans.com. She specializes in equine and canine photography and travels the whole world in pursuit of the most amazing photographs!

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