Inspiration for the most beautiful silhouette photo’s

Silhouette photographs are amazing to take. When you take the silhouette photo correctly you can create a very interesting image. Because I love taking this kind of photographs so much I want to share some very inspiring silhouette photographs with you!

Light from the background

You can create an amazing effect with a round background like these two photographs. One of them kept some light coming in on the sides on purpose so there is a bit of mysteriousness going on. Because you don’t see anything more from this face this creates a strong image.

The second photographer chose to put the head on profile, this is the classic silhouette posture.

Photo by Joe
Photo by Ben Sweets

Animal silhouettes

Walking through nature you can encounter the most beautiful silhouettes, don’t you think?

Photo by Gary Bendig
Photo by Ray Hennessy

Silhouettes in horse photography

This kind of photography lends itself perfectly well to create some amazing silhouette photographs. Horses can be very gracious, especially when they bend their necks in a certain way. But also display a lot of strength. It stays very special to capture these magnificent animals!

High contrast in black and white

These black and white photographs create a surrealistic image because of their high contrast. There is no colour and almost no grey tints either. It’s pure and it’s raw.

Photo by Hong Feng

Outstanding portrait

This image contains a special portrait. There is just a bit of light coming in on the right side of this mans face and because of that you still see his right eye but you don’t see his left eye. And the subtle light on the backside of his head is gorgeous as well!

Photo by Oussema Rattazi


It can also be amazing to add a good splash of colour. This can give your photograph a certain atmosphere.

Photo by Toomas Tartes
Photo by Chad Walton
Photo by Tyler Mullins
Photo by Troy T
Photo by Mariam Soliman

Working with a special light

In the examples below the photographers worked with a special light. The top photographs feature artificial light in shaping up to draw attention.

The two photos below feature the great outdoors. The campfire is, of course, amazing with still some blue light of the sky coming through the branches as well and the other picture just uses a light cord. But it turned out into quite a creative shot.

Photo by Jordon Connor
Photo by Allef Vinicius

Outstanding environment

This photograph deserved it’s very own spot in this hall of fame. I love the location this photo was taken at. The colours work very well in this photograph with the warm orange against the cool blue. There is enough light in to help the dark and the round shape on the right acts as a frame for the photograph.

I’m a fan of this photograph ;).

Photo by Tobi Oluremi

Silhouettes combined with a pattern

This is another unusual photograph is this one of the women in front of the stripes. Our brain likes repeating and that is what makes this image strong. The woman disrupts this repeating pattern, giving the photograph a nice though.

Photo by Keisuke Higashio

Silhouettes in a natural environment

The shots below have been made in nature and are breathtaking.

Photo by Te Akatea
Photo by Robert Bye
Photo by Steve Halama
Photo by Guille Pozzi
Photo by Michelle Spollen

A few more colourfull examples

Because I couldn’t resist. Aren’t these photographs stunning?

PHoto by Yousef Alfuhigi
Photo by Renny Chan
PHoto by Javardh
Photo by Ankur Dey

Black and white with framing

These photographs are both in black and white and the photographers worked to frame the pictures one way or another. Isn’t this great silhouette photography inspiration?

Photo by Semone Scarano
Photo by Mustafa Omar
Photo by Alina Grubnyak
Photo by David East
Photo by KNT

Did this give you enough inspiration to create silhouette photo’s yourself?

Don’t you know how to capture a silhouette photograph yourself? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I wrote a blogpost with 7 amazing tips to help you capture the best silhouette photographs!

Is it exciting and difficult to adjust your settings? Which is advisable if you really want to capture good silhouette photographs. Then I have something for you too! I wrote a photography course for beginners! I will explain step by step what shutter speed, aperture and ISO means and what you can do with it. I will also tell you how to combine these three settings and how to check everything with the histogram.

What did you think of these photographs? Did you see any surprising ones? And do you feel the inspiration to get photographing now? I would really appreciate me if you’d let me know in the comments!

Merel Bormans
Merel Bormans is a photographer with her website and portfolio on She specializes in equine and canine photography and travels the whole world in pursuit of the most amazing photographs!

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