Photobook from Saal Digital – a product review

Saal Digital Nederland asked me to review their photobook, so I did.

Claims made by Saal Digital

Saal Digital claims a few things on their website:

  • Quality. High-quality photo products of brilliant quality
  • Fast delivery. On average ready to send in 1-2 working days
  • No logos. None of the products will contain the logo’s

Made in Germany

Our highest goal is to deliver maximum quality and the best service. Short delivery times, fast production and brilliant colours are our core values. Test from photography magazines, customer ratings and recommendations speak for themselves. The satisfaction of our customers is always at the first place.

We give 75 years of colour guarantee.

Your cover made from real photo paper
The cover is made from Fujifilm Crystal Archive Album photo paper in a matte or shiny finish. Discover the many possibilities in our software and enjoy maximum freedom in design.

The inner values
The inside and the cover are exposed on real photo paper. This will provide your photo book with the most durable and brilliant colours. Available in matt and gloss.

This, of course, creates some expectations. Can they make them true?


Before the book can be ordered it has to be designed first. Saal Digital has special software to do this. First, you pick the size of your book, for mine, I choose a4 in a landscape format, so the photographs can be shown at their best. Adding in the photographs is very easy. There are different templates that can be used, but I like to keep it simple and went for an inornate layout. You can “drag” the chosen layout to the desired page. The software will display planes you can use to add your photographs. You can, of course, make your own layouts as well. Personally I didn’t feel the need to because there were plenty of layouts to choose from. Within the hour I put together the photo album, and if you know how precise I can be, this was very fast.

The photobook

After a week (the order was done during the holidays, this might have delayed the order a bit) my book falls on my doormat, neatly packaged. During the unwrapping I was pleasantly surprised by the look of the book, it already looked very good!

The quilted cover was pretty colourfast and felt tight. Nothing can be said about the finish of the cover. The cover is tight around the corners and the cover does not let go anywhere. So neat!

After looking at the cover I opened the book. On the website, it is stated the photos are printed on real photo paper, and you can really see this! The colours are brilliant and match my calibrated screen very well. I put in some challenging photographs (for example of a Friesian with a black background, this photograph passed with flying colours!). The photograph looks nice and sharp and I can’t detect weird colour castings, weird pixels, unsharpness or any of those things. The book lives up to my expectations.


When you go through the book, the pages stay nice and flat because of the way the book is created. I love looking at the book like this. Furthermore, the pages are fairly thick, this gives a luxurious feeling.

Small side-note

What I did notice is, there are no white pages to start off with, the photographs have been glued right onto the cover but you are not warned for this during the design. I think it’s a shame, I would have prefered a white page to start with.

All in all this book is beautiful. Your photographs will be done justice.

I reviewed more for Saal Digital!


Video of the book


ps, Saal Digital messaged me they will take the feedback into account.

Merel Bormans
Merel Bormans is a photographer with her website and portfolio on She specializes in equine and canine photography and travels the whole world in pursuit of the most amazing photographs!

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