In which season to photograph?

Being a photographer I often get asked which season is best for a photosession. Honestly this is not a question I can easily answer. It really depends on your preferences and the conditions. Every season have their pro’s and con’s, beautiful and less attractive sides. That’s why I talk a bit about every season and what makes the season unique.


In the spring, nature starts to wake up again from a deep hibernation. Temperatures are slowly rising again and nature is displaying it’s beautiful colors. In addition to the young green leaves, all kinds of flowers appear on the trees and on the ground. This is a fantastic and colorful spectacle. In this period the horses start to get out of their winter fur again and the animals can clearly see the wonderful warm spring sun. During this period you often see a lot of joy bucks and other antics in horses. Possibly this has to do with being allowed to go outside again.

Spring is ideal for the so-called “blossom reports” where we look for beautiful blossom trees on the foreground and background or for a beautiful reportage with wild flowers. That gives a lot of colorfulness to the photo.

Spring is ideal for the so-called “blossom reports” where we look for beautiful blossom trees on the foreground and background or for a beautiful reportage with wild flowers. That gives a lot of colorfulness to the photo. Real spring photos are characterized by a fresh green color or colorful flowers. A season to be really happy.

In this season you can easily shoot at any time of the day, even in the middle of the day the sun is not too bright


In the summer everything gets a deeper green color and you have the greatest chance of a sunny day. Also in this season there are a lot of flowering plants and trees. During this season the sun rises higher in the sky and the intensity of the sun is higher. This makes it advisable not to photograph in the middle of the day. During this period it is advisable to photograph what you would like to do in the morning or in the evening so that you have softer light during the report. With a bright sun, the shadows can otherwise become hard and unflattering.

The summer is ideal for a photo shoot with or in the water. Nice splashing ensures cooling. Of course there are so many other locations where you can go, in the summer everything is actually possible and beautiful because of the green leaves on the trees.


In the autumn nature slowly begins to hibernate, but not before she has shown herself in all her splendor. Before the leaves become arid brown and gray, they color beautifully yellow, red and orange! This gives a festive feeling when you walk through the forest, especially when the sun is still showing itself in a clear blue sky! In this period the heather is blooming and that is always a beautiful phenomenon, those vast purple fields.

In autumn you will see many sessions with the discolored leaves and the fairytale heather. The sun is lowered so that the session can take place in the middle of the day, not only in the morning and in the evening.


Winter is the most cold season. And in the winter, apart from pine trees, most shrubs and trees are bare. It is true that the light is softer on the days when the sun is showing itself. This is because the sun is relatively low. You get very clear pictures. And with a little bit of luck you also have snow in the winter! That always yields special photographs!

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And you?

What is your favourite season?

Merel Bormans
Merel Bormans is a photographer with her website and portfolio on She specializes in equine and canine photography and travels the whole world in pursuit of the most amazing photographs!

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