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I’ve seen a lot of photographs printed on plexiglass from different suppliers. There are major differences in quality between suppliers. This time I got to review a photo on plexiglass from offers a way to win action to get a 25-euro voucher because I wrote this review, at the end of this blog you can read how to win it

For this review I choose a photogrpah I made in impressive Tunesia during my trip there. I chose this photograph because of it’s magnificent colours, because it breathes the middle eastm and because I’m plainly happy with this picture! I really wanted to hang this piece in my house. The memorie of the session is so good, it’s a real “bucketlist experience”.

I went to Tunesia especially to photograph horses. I stayed with Djerba Zitouna Stables and photographed their horses. With this session I wanted to photogrpah the horses during sunrise. This meant the horses had to get to the beach before sunrise (in the dark!). I didn’t know the horses yet and it was my first ride on Djerba. The alarm went of early, around 4 in the morning. We saddeled the horses with only the silver light of the full moon. The horses neighed nervously while we mounted. We heared the howling of the wild dogs in the distance. While we rode through the magical landscape of Djerba the morning prayers at the mosks started, this created a 1000-and-1-night atmosphere. A ride to never forget! The cherry on the cake was an amazing photosession during the most colourful sunrise! You understand this is an amazing story to tell when anybody asks about the photograph.

The ordering process

The ordering process was simple and went via the website You start by uploading the photograph you want to order and in the menu you choose your optoins, like the format and what kind of system you want to choose to hang your picture on the wall. After that you just fill in your data, pay and the product has been ordered. No software installation needed. I choose to print my photograph on a 5 mm plexiglass plate of 40 x 60 cm.

What is a plexiglassphoto?

A photo on plexiglass is a beautiful, shiny and luxurious qualitiy product that makes your product shine. The details of the photograph are depicted razorsharp because the topcoat of the plate doesn’t have any structure. The backside of the plate is finished with a white protection-coat, making sure the photograph has an optimal contrast. The highgloss acrylglass gives bright, razorsharp and translucent depiction of your photograph. Printing photographs on glass often isn’t the right terminology. We are not printing the photograph or image on glass but on plexiglass, which is oficially called polymethylmethacrylaat (translusant thermoplast plastic). More simply put, the same material as perspex or acrylglass/actylaat. This material is superstrong and less fragile then real glass. When you order with us we print your photograph on the back of the plexiglass. Because the colour white cannot be printed, a white protectioncoat is added to the back. (information comes from

The product

Neatly and tidely packaged I received the plexiglassplate. It’s always nice to unbox, it’s exciting to see what comes out! Out of the box a very blue picture appeared, but now I know better than to get starteled by it, it’s the protection foil. Bellow the foil a nicely coloured picture appeared. I love the depth effect of a photograph printed on plexiglass. Because of the depth effect and shine the photograph gets a very luxurious feel. Because of the photograph and the way it is printed the photograph really stands out in my living room. Despite the fact I’ve only had the photograph for a few days I’ve goten compliments of nearly everybody who came over. This shows the product is an eyecatcher. This is not only because of the photograph but also because of the product.

points of ciritism

Being a photographer makes me extra ciritical on photoproducts I receive. With these points of critism I have to say you can only see them when you are standing very close and take your time to look at them. The colours look good on themselves but upon closer inspection I noticed a strange colourcast on the horse which isn’t in the original file. The horse turned out a bit more brown/red than the picture I send. Also the colour cyaan/blue on the back of the horse, which was already present in the original file has become much more prominent. This means the horse is not as black as the original file. I also noticed the droplets of ink which are quit visible in the form of spots when you stand closely to the picture. This is inherent to the printing technique (direct to plate), you cannot prevent this from happening. You only need a small amout of distance to not notice the individual droplets of ink anymore. And the last point of critism is there are a few scratches on the side of the photograph. But because the photograph is printed on the back of the plate they are a bit more noticable because of the plate’s thichness. But once again something you can only notice by looking very critically.

Final verdict

All in all I like this photograph on plexiglass. It’s a fine product to hang in your horse. The price/quality ration is excellent. So, do you want to have your photograph printed nicely or an eyecatching and modern photoproduct, quicly and neatly delivered for a good price/quality ratio? Take a look on

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