5 tips – Backup your photo´s

You hear it often: Hard disks crash all photo’s gone. Unsavable, or against a high price with a specialized company.
Photographers want to keep up with a good backup, here are a few tips.

#1 Copy your data on multiple hard disks

Make sure that your data is not only on one disk but try to use at least two disks. You could do it like this: Import your photographs on your internal hard disk in your computer. And when the import is completed copy all the photographs to an external hard disk. Only after the copy is completed you can remove the photographs from your camera. Now put away your external hard disk and don’t keep it on power. If there is a power outage it might damage your computer and hard disk.

#2 Make a backup on a different location

Make sure there is a backup stored at as the different location. This is in case there is a fire, flood, burglary or any other disaster in your house, making the backups unusable. There are many different ways to get a backup on a different location. You can store an external hard disk somewhere or you can make a backup online. There are plenty of solutions in the cloud.

I personally use BackBlaze (not a sponsored link ;)).

#3 Data should also be backed up

Not only your photographs need to be back upped, but you should consider backing up your data as well. When you earn a living with your photography you have documents like invoices and your customer files for example. When you lose those you might get in trouble with the tax authority. So you’d better make sure your data gets backed up on your hard disks as well.

#4 Buy bigger hard disks

When you buy a different hard disk, you might want to consider to go a bit bigger to make sure you have enough GB’s (or TB’s nowadays). The bigger hard disks are less expensive per GB and you don’t have to split your data among different disks (along with the administrative hassle). But on this point opinions might be divided. Some might say you lose less when one hard disk fails with smaller hard disks. This is just a matter of what you prefer.

#5 Look into NAS (with a RAID setting)

Look into a NAS. This is a device with multiple hard disks and you can put the hard disks into a RAID. (more on RAID on this wikipage).
When several disks are in RAID it means one disk can fail and you can still access all your data. Giving you enough time to replace the broken disk and save your data.

Did it ever happen to you? Did you ever lose data or photos because of a hard disk failure?

Merel Bormans
Merel Bormans is a photographer with her website and portfolio on https://www.merelbormans.com. She specializes in equine and canine photography and travels the whole world in pursuit of the most amazing photographs!

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